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Angelo MRI System

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within your body.

The magnetic field temporarily and harmlessly realigns hydrogen atoms in your body. Radio waves cause these aligned atoms to produce very faint signals, which are used to create cross-sectional MRI images, like slices in a loaf of bread. Also, the system can be used to produce 3-D images that may be viewed from many different angles.

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Angelo MRI Technology

Siemens 1.5T MAGNETOM Espree with Tim™, Open Bore

Featuring a large opening to ensure your comfort!

Siemens 1.5T Magnetom Espree

Angelo MRI has installed the Siemens 1.5T MAGNETOM Espree with Tim™, Open Bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging system, identical in strength to the strongest MRI system in the San Angelo area and stronger than others. The power of this magnet is three times greater than the conventional open system and assures that your doctor gets the most confident diagnosis.

MRI System Features

This non-invasive method of imaging combines a larger bore, or opening - comfortable for patients of all sizes and for those who are claustrophobic - with the ability to capture high-field quality diagnostic images.

The Angelo MRI system features an opening of nearly 2.3 feet in diameter and almost one foot of free space between a patient’s head and the magnet. It also features the shortest 1.5 Tesla magnet available. Approximately four feet long, the magnet allows more than 60 percent of exams to be completed with the patient’s head outside the opening.

This MRI system provides up to four times more signal-to-noise ratio over traditional open MRI designs, which is desirable in larger patients. In addition, the Espree can perform advanced clinical applications in less time because it combines gradient performance with Siemens' Total imaging matrix (Tim™) technology. Tim™ is the first whole body surface coil design that enables the highest resolution images in a shorter time.